Increased business efficiency

98% of our clients report a reduction in fixed costs, an increase in profits while maintaining a high quality of service.

With our service you get:

100% of calls processed
Professional contact centre operators will handle incoming calls, answer questions and gather the necessary information.
Reduction of fixed costs
You will forget about endless recruitment and training and reduce the costs associated with it: salaries, space rental.
Ready-made solution
You don't have to understand the intricacies of the process. Our experienced account managers will develop a script for the conversation, and our technical experts will set up the integration of the CC with your business.
The company's strong reputation
With quick response times (2 sec or less, up to 15 min) you will create the right impression with your customers.
We have been in business for 12 years and we understand why it is important for our clients not to miss a single call.
And we give them that opportunity.


We have extensive capabilities in providing inbound and outbound call handling services.
2 500 000

Average number of calls per year

Operators' workstations

Successful cases

It's easy to work with us:

Online office with 24/7 access;
Regular reporting;
Ability to integrate with customer's CRM;
We are open from 8.00 to 23.00, no weekends.
We are good at taking calls

Stages of work in simple steps

Leave a request for a consultation.
We will discuss your project and design a solution specifically for you at minimum cost.
  • Set up
Our specialists prepare scripts, set up telephony and train operators.
Project launch
Every day we work to improve your processes.
Professional support
24/7 support for your business.

Why choose us?

Every day we work to improve business processes: our own and those of our customers.
A personalised approach
We will immerse ourselves in your business and find the best solutions for your specific needs.
Completely variable costs
There are no subscription, installation or other 'air' charges. You only pay for the actual operating hours of the operator.
Ease of implementation
We take care of 90% of the integration with your business: we do the analysis, write the script, set up the telephony. Project launch in just 7 days.
Private account manager
Responsible for communication with the client.
He is an advocate for your interests within the CC. Always in touch, making suggestions for improvements.
Testing Department
Our own quality control department allows us to listen to up to 10% of calls per project every day. We find and eliminate our own mistakes ourselves.

Supervising your employees
Our cooperation will allow you to make a realistic assessment of the quality of your company's employees,
and identify overstaffing.

We don't believe in formulaic solutions for our clients

That's why any discussion of our projects does not start with a price list and what we can do.
It starts with an analysis of your business. We get to know your field and niche. We identify your client's pains and determine what they need to get in order to feel satisfied when they call your company.
Only after that do we move on to building general work algorithms and consolidate all the preparatory work done in the script of the conversation.


Briefly tell us about your business and describe the problems that need attention.
Our specialist will prepare a personalised solution
and will contact you shortly.
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